Ultimate List of Bachelor Party Gifts

Marriage is often the subject of many jokes, with a common theme portraying it as a kind of “prison” and a loss of freedom, especially for men. It’s as if the concept of the bachelor party was invented to serve as a farewell to single life, debauchery, and frivolity before entering this perceived “prison.”

At a typical bachelor party, one can expect nothing less than madness, drunkenness, and playful teasing of the future groom about his upcoming “sentence.” Gifts for such an occasion are usually not serious or expensive, as more substantial presents are reserved for the actual wedding. The bachelor party is all about fun and games, and the gifts should reflect that spirit.

To gather ideas for the perfect bachelor party gifts, I personally reached out to 12 bachelors, and together we compiled the list below. If you’re still unsure about what to bring to the celebration, take a look at our suggestions for inspiration.

1. Rubber Adult Doll

Of course, such a gift looks really silly, but trust that it will be the cause for a lot of jokes and fun at the bachelor party. When you give this gift, emphasize that this is the last chance for the groom to look at another woman or touch her freely.

You can dress the doll in some funny or provocative clothes to make the whole party laugh even more.

2. “Boobs” Cake

What would a celebration be if there were no cake and sweets? That’s why a bachelor party must have its own cake, especially when it’s really in the spirit of those attending the party.

Order a larger cake in the shape of women’s breasts, ask for a funny text to be written on the cake, and brighten up all participants of the bachelor party with such a gift. We are convinced you will hear many funny comments.

3. T-Shirt with “Game Over” Sign

As we said before, a man’s entry into marriage is perceived as a loss of freedom and meandering around, and a gift that symbolically emphasizes this is this T-shirt.

It will not be difficult at all to order a shirt with a picture of the newlyweds and text that says “Game Over” for the future groom. You’ll have all evening to tease him about it.

4. Drinking Horn

It is well known that bachelor parties are filled with fun and a lot of alcohol, so we suggest bringing a drinking horn to such an evening. It will be a very amusing gift and everyone present will want to drink from the horn.

Don’t be surprised if someone “very smart” suggests a drinking competition with the horn. So, you will not lack fun.

5. “Husband-Trophy” Underwear

To clearly show your dear future groom that he is caught, gift him men’s boxer shorts with the inscription “husband-trophy.” In the wildest scenario, and if the party takes place in a private space, you can even put these boxers over the groom’s existing trousers, and then tease him all night about it.

6. Large Pack of Paper Tissues

Choose a large pack of paper tissues with some silly motifs, maybe those from cartoons, tie a huge bow on them and attach a message which reads “Feel free to cry, we will wipe your tears.”

With the mentioned tissues bring a bottle of some good drink and the fun can begin.

7. Beer Helmet

Of course, drinking a large amount of beer at a bachelor party is presumed, but it’s possible that participants and the future groom will be occupied playing games or other craziness, so their hands will be busy.

In such cases, a beer helmet is a great choice because it allows you to drink your favorite beverage without any hindrance. So, this gift cannot go wrong.

8. Beer Belt

Considering that many of the future groom’s buddies are coming to the bachelor party and that all need to be served drinks, a beer belt is something that will greatly ease the mentioned serving.

Of course, the belt provides the ability to stay in one place for a long time, for example, while watching a match, while having beer at hand. Perfect for bachelor parties.

9. Large Beer Dispenser

An excellent gift choice for a bachelor party is certainly a beer dispenser. If you also choose the large one that holds three liters of liquid, that will be a direct hit.

Such a dispenser will allow easy pouring of drinks to anyone, and it can always be refilled with new quantities of favorite beer.

10. Alco Basket

It’s clear to us that most of these gifts relate to alcohol and its consumption, which is certainly the main event of every bachelor party. Therefore, you cannot go wrong if you gift the future groom an alco basket and make his bachelor party even more bizarre and exciting.

Who will be the best “basketball player” among those present and drink the most drinks remains to be seen.

11. Naughty Bowtie

If you choose this “naughty” gift, be sure to dress it on that rubber doll we mentioned at the beginning. This way your gift will make sense and become a subject of laughter and fun.

After the doll, you can dress the “naughty bowtie” on the groom or someone present and treat them like a gift and have a crazy fun. After all, you are handing the groom over as a gift to the future bride.

12. Book

As we have already said many times, a book is an excellent gift on any occasion and has its purpose. Sometimes it is there to help with advice inside, sometimes to make the gift recipient laugh and cheer up, but it is always useful.

In this case, you can gift the future groom a book “How to Survive Marriage” and joke about that topic all evening.

13. Slippers

It is clear that the buddies tease their “king of the bachelor party” telling him he is screwed and from now on will be completely under the thumb of his wife.

To emphasize just that part which soon turns the groom into a “whipped man,” gift him a pair of house slippers and write an accompanying funny message.

14. Mug with the Three Wise Monkeys

For the jokes to be as original as possible, get a mug with the image of the three monkeys who have their hands over their eyes, mouth, and ears and with such a gift cheer up your friend.

Add a message in which you will write that as of tomorrow he will follow behavior similar to these monkeys – sees nothing, hears nothing, and dares not say anything. That’s married life, no options.

15. Sexy Beer Glass

A fitting gift for any bachelor party is also a beer glass in the shape of a naked female body. For every man, especially those at a bachelor party, it’s much sweeter to drink beer holding a hand on a woman’s waist than on the handle of a mug.

So you will certainly not go wrong if you gift the future groom such a glass.

16. Tie with a Bottle Opener

The future groom should be dressed neatly and properly, which will certainly change during the evening, and the tie is an inevitable part of every celebration.

To spice up this “celebration,” gift the dear celebrant a tie that will be most useful to him, that is, it comes with a successful bottle opener. We believe that tie will become his favorite and that he will use it often.

17. Flask with “today” and “tomorrow” Inscriptions

To emphasize the difference between the present and future times of your dear celebrant, gift him a flask that has a motif of buddies above which reads “today” and a motif of newlyweds below which reads “tomorrow.”

The difference is clearly visible and your celebrant will be well explained.

18. “Married” Apron

For all those future grooms who like to operate in the kitchen, an excellent gift for a bachelor party is an apron with an image of prison bars behind which stands a man, and above is the inscription “Married.”

The symbolism of this gift is completely clear, and its humorous part is a good basis for fun during the bachelor party.

19. Borat Swimsuit (Mankini)

We have no clue what you could write with this swimsuit when you give it as a gift to the future groom. We found it very funny and bizarre, so we have already seen it “in action” at a bachelor party where everything is funny and fun.

We’ve given you the idea, now you come up with what to do with it. Perhaps with this swimsuit, you can show how much the honoree will have left when his wife takes over.

20. “Yes, dear” Keychain

Of course, it is taken for granted that the man’s word in marriage must always be the last. At a bachelor party, it needs to be emphasized as much as possible and constantly tease the future groom on this topic.

So gift him a keychain that reads “Yes, dear” and tell him you are sure that in marriage his word will always be the last.

21. Endurance Trophy

Get one of those plastic trophies or medals, nicely wrap them up, put a big bow, add some drink to it and a message with the text “It must be admitted, you have endured a long time as a bachelor. Therefore, you deserve this trophy.”

22. Anti-stress Boob

We’ve already said that bachelor parties are places for madness, joking, and laughter, so such a gift is assumed and not strange to anyone. So, get a rubber anti-stress boob and hand it over to your future groom with a message that you understand how much stress he is under right now and how much he needs such a boob.

23. Stripper

If with your gift you want to bring the bachelor party to the “boiling point,” agree with the other buddies and gift your celebrant the arrival of a stripper at the bachelor party.

Of course, that gift will be the peak of the evening, it will crackle with naughty comments and laughter, but everything that happens at a bachelor party must also stay at the bachelor party. That’s an unwritten rule.

24. Sex Timer Hourglass

To have a little more fun and laughter at the bachelor party, gift your celebrant a sex timer and emphasize that he must practice and improve his lovemaking skills so as not to embarrass you before the bride.

This sex timer is in the shape of an hourglass and has marked levels of lovemaking skills ranging from “very weak” to “wild stallion.”

25. Frame with a Group Photo of Friends

Finally, we suggest a nice, sentimental gift that is certainly appropriate at a bachelor party. No jokes and teasing here, just a dear memory of shared moments and the people you spent them with.

So, choose a nice picture frame and put a group photo of the groom’s buddies in it. All sign the back of the photo and surprise the future groom with such a gift. If you still want it to be a funny gift, you can choose a frame with some funny details and make certain faces while taking photos.

We hope you like our bachelor party gift suggestions and that they will bring a lot of good mood to the bachelor party.