29 Gift Ideas for a Vegan Friend

When I decided to create a list of gift ideas for vegan friends, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Living in the Balkans, where veganism isn’t as common as in some other parts of the world, I didn’t have a wide circle of vegan friends to consult.

Fortunately, I have one close vegan friend who was more than happy to help me out. He shared his personal experiences and insights, giving me a valuable perspective on what matters most to vegans when it comes to gift-giving.

As we brainstormed ideas, I was impressed by the range of options we came up with. From practical kitchen tools to cruelty-free beauty products to fun and quirky novelty items, we compiled a list that covers all the bases. We also made sure to include gifts that cater to different interests and personalities, so there’s something for every type of vegan friend.

1. Chickpea Coffee

The majority of people can’t start their morning without a cup of their favorite coffee, and vegans can be particular in this regard as well.

Go the extra mile and get a unique kind of coffee for your vegan friend – a chickpea coffee that is caffeine-free, brewed like regular coffee, and has a similar taste and aroma. Plus, it’s free of soy and other additives, making it a healthy choice. We’re confident that such a gift will impress any vegan.

2. Vegan Gift Basket

You’ll pleasantly surprise any vegan with a small basket of vegan food essentials that are always handy. Get some spelt pasta, and add a jar or two of vegan sauces, soy, and almond milk, and a mix of grains.

Nicely package it in an attractive basket, add a jute bow, and delight your beloved vegan.

3. Plant-Based Toothpaste and Bamboo Brush

For a smaller gift, you can consider giving a bamboo toothbrush and one of the vegan toothpaste options. These toothpastes don’t contain fluoride or any animal-derived substances and are also not tested on animals.

4. Book on Vegan Lifestyle

For novice vegans who are still not fully informed on vegan nutrition and lifestyle, a book on veganism will be an excellent gift.

It can provide answers to many questions, resolve various dilemmas, offer fun facts about famous vegans, and share experiences and potential challenges of this way of life.

5. Bath Salts

Select bath salts made from 100% natural materials that are animal-test-free. Package them attractively to make a great gift. You can buy multiple small jars of different salts or opt for a larger jar of a single type.

6. Vegan Cookbook

Due to the large number of people living a vegan lifestyle, there are numerous cookbooks focusing on vegan cuisine. It won’t be hard to find one and gift it to your vegan friend, giving them many exciting and practical recipes for vegan dishes.

They might even invite you over for a meal prepared using a recipe from the cookbook you gifted.

7. Vegan Cosmetics

If you want to please a vegan with some quality cosmetics, consider giving a set like those from Sephora’s vegan line. These are high-quality creams made from organic materials without any artificial or animal additives.

Such cosmetics are good for others too, not just for vegans, because they don’t contain any artificial additives.

8. Vegan Cheese-Making Kit

Previously, vegans struggled with finding a suitable cheese substitute, as plant-based alternatives in stores weren’t healthy or tasty. However, things have changed.

Obtain a vegan cheese-making kit for your vegan friend. The kit includes everything needed to make cheese at home, so your vegan friend will soon be enjoying homemade cheese at their table.

9. Various Indoor and Herb Plants

It’s known that vegans love nature and often like to grow plants at home. So, you won’t go wrong by gifting a potted plant. You can choose decorative plants or culinary herbs for kitchen gardening.

Whatever you choose, your vegan friend will be grateful as they’ll enjoy greenery and nature at home.

10. Coasters for Glasses

Many people use coasters for glasses without thinking about their material. With vegans, it’s different.

When gifting a set of coasters, ensure they are made from natural materials. Leather coasters are not an option, but bamboo coasters would be a thoughtful gift.

11. Coconut and Soy Wax Scented Candles

Never gift a vegan candles made from animal or artificial products. A great alternative is candles made from coconut and soy wax without parabens. They come in interesting shapes – pick one you think your vegan friend will appreciate.

12. Vegan Leather Bag

Who says vegans cannot have stylish bags? There is vegan leather, allowing them to enjoy decorative bags.

Choose a beautiful bag for going out or for keeping jewelry and small items, and delight your vegan friend with such a gift.

13. Vegetable Chopper

Since vegans often use lots of vegetables in their meals, it’s clear that these need to be chopped and prepared.

To make this process easier for your vegan friend, gift them a practical vegetable chopper, saving them time and enhancing their cooking experience.

14. Nature-inspired Bedding

Every rest is more comfortable in beautiful and cozy bedding. Your vegan friend is no exception and will surely be delighted with organic cotton bedding sprinkled with nature motifs.

Choose motifs based on the taste of your beloved vegan, wrap the bedding nicely in natural packaging, and make your dear person happy.

15. Serving Tray

A beautiful bamboo serving tray is always a great gift idea for a vegan. Choose a larger tray or a set of two trays of different sizes, place a little sweet treat on it, but make sure it all fits the lifestyle of your loved one. Surprise your vegan with such a thoughtful gift.

16. Pillow

When it comes to gifting a pillow, you can opt for a larger sleeping pillow or a smaller decorative pillow for lounging and napping.

Whatever the choice, make sure the pillow is made from organic cotton, and you could choose a green avocado design. Such a gift will undoubtedly be to every vegan’s liking.

17. Coconut Bowls

A charming gift for any vegan is a set of small coconut bowls with matching spoons.

These bowls are multi-purpose and perfect for serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The spoons make them even more adorable and practical. Create a set of these bowls to delight your vegan.

18. Eco Bags

It’s well known that vegans oppose plastic and the plastic bags we see daily in our stores. Therefore, you will not go wrong by gifting your beloved vegan cloth eco-bags or totes that they can use for a long time when shopping.

19. Vegan Body Butter

Of course, this butter does not involve animal products and refers to body butter made entirely from plant substances.

Like vegan facial cosmetics, this butter is high-quality and beneficial for the skin as it contains no artificial additives that cause irritation. So, you won’t make a mistake by gifting such an item to your vegan.

20. Bamboo Cutting Board

Whenever there’s a need to chop ingredients during meal preparation, a cutting board is the first item most people reach for.

Vegans will be much happier if that cutting board is made of bamboo, so be sure to get them such a gift.

21. Tofu Press

This cute gift will surely please your vegan. It’s a small tofu press that allows your beloved vegan to effectively drain the water from their tofu, making every meal tastier. Considering how often vegans use tofu, this gift will genuinely be appreciated.

22. Vegan Chocolate

Whether someone is a vegan or not, it’s hard to resist chocolate. A comfort food, as most women call it, holds a special place and form even among vegans.

So, don’t hesitate to bring some vegan chocolate to your beloved vegan as a gift. Of course, you can bring several pieces with different flavors, as we’re convinced your vegan won’t mind.

23. Smoothie Maker

No need to emphasize how a healthy diet involves consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, and a smoothie maker greatly helps in preparing them.

So, you won’t go wrong by gifting your vegan such a kitchen aid and making them happy with your present.

24. Yoga Mat

A lovely gift for any vegan who practices yoga would be an exercise mat for yoga. Choose a beautiful mat made from materials supported by vegans, wrap it tastefully, and make your vegan happy.

25. Large Jar of Seeds

Seeds and nuts are a staple of the vegan diet, so you certainly won’t go wrong by gifting a vegan a large jar filled with such ingredients.

Purchase an unusual glass container, fill it with chosen seeds and nuts, and surprise your vegan with such a gift.

26. Glass Water Bottle

No vegan will use a plastic water bottle, not when going to the gym, nor when traveling. Thus, choose a cute water bottle made of glass to please your beloved vegan. That bottle will remind them of you whenever they’re thirsty.

27. Subscription to a Vegan Magazine

Just like with all other areas of life, there is a specific magazine for veganism. Of course, in such a magazine, one can read many interesting facts related to the vegan lifestyle, including novelties in the field of nutrition and news about celebrities living the vegan way.

To give your vegan a lovely gift, pay for a subscription to a magazine they love, and you will surely make them happy.

28. Jewelry

Vegans like to adorn themselves too, so they certainly won’t refuse a gift in the form of beautiful jewelry. Regarding this, you could gift them necklaces, bracelets, or earrings made from natural materials that have not been made from parts of animals or anything else that harms the planet.

If the purchase of such jewelry is linked to some charity event, it will be an absolute hit.

29. Vegan T-shirt

A nice t-shirt made of organic cotton will surely please your vegan, especially if it features some quirky slogan or a funny picture of vegetables and fruits. So, get such a t-shirt and surprise your dear vegan with it.

We hope you found something on our list of gifts for vegans to give to your beloved vegan person.