30 Gift Ideas for Police Officers

When selecting a gift for a police officer, you have the option to lean into the humorous side of their profession, playing off the numerous jokes about cops, or to acknowledge the serious nature of their job. The appropriateness of each approach depends on your relationship with the recipient.

If you have a close, friendly rapport with the police officer, you may have the luxury of giving a witty, even provocative gift. However, if you’re not as familiar with them, it’s probably best to stick with more traditional, serious presents that show respect for their profession.

To ensure a well-rounded list of gift ideas, I reached out to four police officers (1 from Bosnia, 1 from United States and 2 from Germany) for their input.

Half of the suggestions on our list came directly from their insights, while they found the other half of the ideas to be amusing and creative. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which gifts from our list would be most appreciated by the police officer you have in mind.

1. Mug with a “Pistol” Handle

Considering that a pistol is part of the essential gear of every police officer and they are obliged to carry it, a mug with a handle shaped like a pistol is an excellent gift choice for a police officer.

You can find mugs on the market with “pistol” handles in black or gold, as well as those with certain inscriptions or none at all. Choose the one you believe will most appeal to your beloved officer and surprise them with your gift.

2. T-Shirt with a Slogan

There are various t-shirts available that have funny slogans related to police officers. From sayings like “If you want to feel safe, sleep with a police officer.” to “If being a cop were easy, everyone would do it.”

These shirts can be gifted to those you are closer to, so if that’s your case, choose one of these quirky shirts to put a smile on your favorite officer’s face.

3. “Police Officer” Apron

Here’s another piece of clothing, but this time it’s an apron with an image of a police officer. If your officer likes to spend time in the kitchen, whether cooking themselves or helping their better half, you can gift them a humorous apron to brighten their day.

We’re sure that your gift will make them smile whenever they’re whipping up something in the kitchen.

4. Keychain

If you want to give your officer a really nice gift that they can always carry with them, consider a keychain. Of course, choose one that’s themed after law enforcement – we suggest a keychain featuring little figurines of guns, handcuffs, and police badges.

Such a keychain will surely delight any officer and they will carry it with pride.

5. Christmas Tree Ornament

As a charming gift for a police officer, you can select a Christmas tree decoration in the shape of a police uniform. This tree ornament looks very cute and can be an excellent gift for the New Year or Christmas.

You can buy several pieces if you think it would make your loved one happy. We are sure that your officer won’t expect such a gift, and it will be a pleasant surprise.

6. Ice Tray “Bullets”

Since police work is related to weapons, a bullet is a logical symbol on many gifts for these individuals. Therefore, we believe you can’t go wrong if you give an officer an ice tray in the shape of bullets.

This gift also has practical use and is certainly fitting for a police officer.

7. Glasses with a Bullet and a Bottle of Spirits

Another gift fitting for any police officer is a glass with a bullet embedded in it. Such glasses look very unusual and are sure to attract the attention of guests.

Choose two such glasses and add a bottle of some good spirits to them and package it all nicely. This is a gift that your officer certainly doesn’t expect and thus it will be even more interesting and precious to them.

8. “Police Dog” Figurine

Here’s a very charming gift that can decorate any room of your officer’s place. It can also brighten their car if they wish. It’s a small figurine representing a cheerful police dog and it looks quite nice.

It can also be used as a keychain if adjusted, so you certainly won’t go wrong if you give this figure to an officer.

9. Thermos “Bullet”

Police officers often have to be on duty, and drinking coffee is necessary to maintain alertness. To make that coffee even tastier, give your officer a thermos in the shape of a bullet.

This thermos has a lid that is a cup shaped like the head of a bullet and is made in gold color. A perfect hit for an officer.

10. Socks with Print

A gift with a good theme for an officer can also be cotton socks with a print in the shape of a police car and tiny handcuffs. These socks are an unusual and practical gift, and we are convinced that your officer will like wearing them.

Besides being practical, they have a touch of humor, and that’s just what is needed to break the arduous police hours.

11. Pen Holder “Gun Cylinder”

Another cute and practical gift for any officer is a metal pen holder in the shape of a bullet cylinder. This gift replicates a bullet cylinder and fits a pen in each “bullet hole”.

We are sure you will surprise your officer with such a gift, and they will gladly use this pen holder on their desk.

12. Shaving Kit

It’s clear that every officer must be neatly shaved and look presentable. So you won’t go wrong if you gift an officer a shaving kit and suitable men’s cosmetics.

You can give them a modern shaver, but also some classic items like a straight razor and brush. All this depends on your officer’s preferences.

13. Sports Equipment

Just as officers need to be shaved and presentable, it’s clear that they also need to be in good physical condition. This is proven by regular official physical fitness tests that are repeated at certain intervals.

Therefore, you certainly won’t make a mistake if you gift an officer some sports equipment. It would be good to inquire about the wishes and needs of your police officer beforehand and then give them something that they need or want from this area.

14. Psychology Book

Officers are constantly in contact with people, and it would be beneficial for them to have certain knowledge from the field of psychology. This could help them in various crisis situations, to handle citizens properly, but also to manage their own stress.

Therefore, you won’t make a mistake if you choose a psychology-themed book that deals with certain relationships and coping in difficult situations as a gift for your officer.

15. Smartwatch

Considering the duties and schedules that every police officer has in the course of duty, a smartwatch could be an excellent gift that will keep all the necessary information and reminders important to your officer in one place.

This watch is enabled for many more functions and we are sure that the officer will make good use of them, and they will be very grateful to you.

16. Sniper Alarm Clock

Here’s an alarm clock you simply can’t ignore. To turn off this alarm clock in the morning, you need to shoot a target with a pistol that comes with it. If you miss, it continues to ring.

So, if you hit the target and turned off the alarm, you have certainly woken up enough to get out of bed. A gift just for an officer who can’t afford to be late for a shift.

17. Small Leather Notebook

Choose a small leather notebook and add a nice pen, and with such a gift, delight your officer. It’s known that officers always write something down and those notes are needed when compiling official reports.

Make sure that the notebook has special sections, various headings, and practically arranged pages inside, and also that it can easily fit into the pocket of a police uniform.

You can print a police badge or the officer’s name on the notebook and with such a gift, please this officer.

18. Themed Jewelry

Just like anyone else, you can also gift an officer a nice necklace with a pendant that symbolizes their profession. It could be a handcuffs-shaped pendant or a police badge, or even a baton or stop sign.

You could also choose a men’s ring with the same theme or a bracelet that highlights this profession. Whatever you decide on, you’ll make your officer happy.

19. Basket of Favorite Foods and a Police Car Toy

A nicely packaged basket of their favorite foods, topped with a little police car can also be a nice gift for a certain officer.

The food will surely cheer them up and refresh them during a night shift, while the toy will entertain and amuse them. So, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

20. Coffee Maker

Speaking of night shifts, let’s not forget the coffee maker. Of course, coffee is necessary for good alertness at work, especially at night, and every shift is easier to endure when that coffee can be easily and quickly prepared.

So choose a quality coffee maker and make an officer happy with your gift.

21. Bedding

You certainly won’t go wrong if you gift an officer beautiful bedding with a printed police car or one that is “sprinkled” with little images of police handcuffs.

Such bedding is both very practical and very cute, tailored for a police officer.

22. Doormat with Print

Here’s a quirky and humorous gift suitable for any officer. It’s a doormat with a picture of a police baton, with “Stop crime!” printed on it.

This doormat also “wards off” wrongdoers from your home and emphasizes that they are dealing with the police.

23. Police Badge Gingerbread

For your dear officer, you can order a large gingerbread in the shape of a police badge. Ask them to write your officer’s name on this gingerbread and to package it interestingly.

With such a gift, you’ll surely surprise your police officer, but you’ll also bring a smile to their face and cheer them up. Gingerbread is something they can eat when and if they get tired of looking at the gift.

24. Police Museum Ticket

We are convinced that any officer would find it interesting to visit the Police Museum and see what work in that service looked like in the past.

Many things in this area are unknown to the public but are very interesting and give a completely different perspective when we become aware of them.

So, gift your officer tickets to a well-known Police Museum and give them a new experience.

25. Police-themed Wall Clock

You can easily order a wooden wall clock with police motifs online, and you can also ask to have the name of a certain officer printed on the clock.

The clock is decorative and fits easily into any space, and we are convinced that you will please an officer with such a gift.

26. “Uniform” Pajamas

You can gift any officer pajamas designed in the style of a police uniform. These pajamas suggest that police officers never sleep, that they are always on duty, and ready for any situation.

With this gift, you will make your dear officer laugh but also give them an interesting pair of pajamas. Therefore, it’s an excellent gift choice.

27. Cake

If your officer is celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or perhaps retirement, you can bring them a nice and tasty cake with motifs related to the police. This cake won’t represent a long-lasting gift, but that certainly wasn’t the intention.

The important thing is that it appeals to the officer, marks a beautiful event, and is enjoyed.

28. Book of Aphorisms about the Police

Another appropriate gift for an officer is a book of aphorisms about the police and officers. This book will bring a cheerful mood and create a good atmosphere wherever it is read, and we suggest you choose it for people who are generally open and cheerful. Write a nice dedication and date inside the book and gift it to your officer.

29. “Radar” Figurine

A small metal figurine of a police radar on legs is a very charming gift and will surprise but also delight any real officer. They can keep it at home or at their workplace in an office. So, get such a figurine, package it cutely, and surprise your officer.

30. Cutting Board “Police Vehicle”

Any officer occasionally cuts something in the kitchen, whether preparing a meal or cutting charcuterie for guests, so a cutting board will definitely come in handy.

When that board also features an image of a police vehicle, then it’s a real gift for an officer.

We hope our ideas have helped you in choosing a gift for your dear police officer.