Decent Gifts for Tennis Players (20 Ideas)

For tennis enthusiasts, the sport is more than just a game – it’s a passionate pursuit and a lifestyle. Finding the perfect gift for the tennis player in your life requires an understanding of their unwavering dedication to the court.

To curate this list of 20 gift ideas for tennis players, I consulted with four avid players, including one who was once ranked 372nd in the world, to gain insider insight into what types of presents would truly delight and support their tennis obsession. From high-performance gear to court-side accessories and unique tennis-themed gifts, this guide offers a serving of ideas to match any budget.

Tennis players spend countless hours honing their skills, strategizing for their next match, and living by the ethos of continuous self-improvement. A thoughtful gift demonstrates your appreciation for their commitment to this physically and mentally demanding sport. With this carefully curated selection of tennis gifts, you can treat your recipient to something that will elevate their game, provide convenience during matches, or simply capture their love for the sport off the court.

Whether you’re shopping for a longtime playing partner, a coach, or a recreational tennis fanatic I am sure my list will be helpful to you.

1. Racket

While we said that a gift for a tennis player doesn’t have to be equipment for the sport, it makes sense that a racket comes to mind first when thinking about tennis.

Since it’s a basic item in the sport, alongside the ball, you can’t go wrong if you give a tennis player a quality racket, especially if you choose one for professionals. Of course, if the gift is for a child, that racket should be adapted to the child’s age and needs.

2. Keychain

Whether it’s a big or a small tennis player, a keychain can be a good gift. We suggest choosing a keychain shaped like a tennis racket with a tennis ball attached. This keychain looks very cute and has practical value, so it will surely please both little and big tennis players.

3. Male or Female Tennis Bag

Every athlete needs a bag to carry their equipment, and for tennis, this bag is specially designed. We’re talking about sports bags that have a designated spot for a racket as well as a separate compartment for dirty socks and shoes, and for balls as well.

You can also find very nice and feminine bags for female tennis players in pink and pastel colors. We suggest the one that looks like a stylish backpack with a decorative pocket for the racket.

4. “Tennis Player” Mug

Regardless of whether it’s a female or male tennis player, a mug is an appropriate gift. And if that mug has a 3D figurine of a tennis player on it, then such a gift is a sure hit.

So, we suggest that you choose and order such a mug online and surprise your beloved tennis player with your gift. Of course, you can also select mugs with the image of famous tennis players or with inscriptions related to the sport.

5. Foot Massager

Considering that tennis is a sport that puts a lot of strain on leg muscles, frequent inflammation and cramping happen. To help alleviate and ease the impact of these inflammations a little, give your tennis player a foot massager.

We are convinced that they will be delighted with your gift and will use it very often.

6. Small Gift Set

If you are not planning to give an expensive gift to a tennis player but still want to please them, you can create a small set of various items related to the sport. Choose a practical water bottle, add a pair of wristbands, sports socks, and an energy bar, and then pack everything tastefully.

We believe that this charming gift will delight your tennis player.

7. Pocket Ball Radar

This is a pricier product but is very useful for tennis players who want to take the sport seriously. Therefore, if your budget allows, get a pocket radar for measuring the speed of the ball and make your tennis player happy with such a gift.

There will be no more doubts about whose serve was faster or whether they should work on improving its speed. The pocket radar will clearly show that.

8. Tennis Balls

It is clear that tennis wouldn’t be tennis without tennis balls, so it’s logical to give a tennis player a set of quality tennis balls. If you’re choosing a gift for a small child or a complete beginner, the balls can be of slightly lower quality, but for a serious player, the tennis balls require serious quality.

9. Set of Sports Towels

When we talk about sports towels, we primarily mean those made from completely natural materials that dry quickly. In sports, this is important, so there are towels specially designed for athletes.

So, choose a nice set of sports towels of several different sizes in your tennis player’s favorite color, pack everything nicely, and surprise them with your gift.

10. “Tennis Player” Ambient Lamp

An ambient lamp is a very nice gift, and if it’s filled with details related to tennis, then it’s the right choice for a tennis player. This lamp has a broader practical application because it allows changing the color of the light according to the needs of the space or the owner’s mood.

The ambient lamp intended specifically for tennis players has a figure of a tennis player with a racket painted on it and represents a very nice gift.

11. Racket Bag

Since a racket is not an item that fits into a bag or pocket, it must be carried in a specially designed bag. There are numerous models of racket bags on the market, and it depends on you and your tennis player’s wishes which one you choose. In any case, you will please your tennis player with this practical gift.

12. Jewelry for Tennis Players

When it comes to jewelry, you can’t go wrong if you surprise your favorite tennis player with a beautiful necklace with a racket and ball pendant.

You can also choose a bracelet with the same motif, and if it’s a female player, earrings or a brooch with the same motifs are definitely an option.

If the gift is for a child, you can choose the same but in smaller dimensions.

13. Tennis Ball Launcher: Powerbase Volley Drill SKLZ

Every athlete needs a lot of practice to stay in good condition, to not fall out of routine, and to improve their skills. For a tennis player, a ball launcher would be quite useful because it would allow them to practice at home even when they don’t have a partner.

This device launches balls attached to a stretching cable that allows many different ball positions. This way, the player can practice as if they have a partner on the other side of the net. An excellent gift for any tennis player.

14. Cosmetics for Tennis Players

Considering that tennis is an outdoor sport and is most often played in the sun, it is very important that a tennis player protects their skin from external factors. So, you will not make a mistake if you gift your tennis player a small set of cosmetics that will help protect their exposed facial and hand skin.

The set can consist of a face cream with a high protection factor, a honey-based lip balm, and a hand cream to prevent calluses. Put it all together and package it as a cute gift.

15. Beach Towel

Choose a large beach towel with a print of small rackets and tennis balls; you can also select a beach towel that has a printed large tennis racket on it and surprise your beloved tennis player with such a gift.

A good choice are also those beach towels with inscriptions like “Love Tennis” or “Best Tennis Player.” Such a gift will surely be appreciated.

16. Tennis Book

When it comes to tennis books, there’s a wide selection, and you won’t have a problem buying the right one. Pay attention to what specifically interests your tennis player and please them with that content.

Maybe they are interested in tennis records or a detailed history of tennis, maybe fun anecdotes and funny stories from the tennis world or some books that offer advice for better mastering the game in this sport.

Whatever book you decide on, write a nice dedication and surprise your tennis player.

17. Tennis Match Tickets

It’s widely known that tennis match tickets are not particularly cheap and often not available, so such a gift could have a special significance for a tennis player.

If this does not present a problem for you and your budget allows it, get tickets for a special tennis match that you know is important to your loved tennis player and surprise them with such a gift. Such a gift will certainly bring a lot of joy and will not be forgotten.

18. “Racket” Coffee Spoons

As a charming gift for any tennis player, you can bring a set of coffee spoons whose handles are made in the shape of a tennis racket. This is simultaneously unusual and practical as a gift, and it looks nice.

We believe that by giving such a gift, you will pleasantly surprise your tennis player and make their coffee or tea drinking experience much nicer.

19. Smartwatch or Wristband for Tracking Sports Activities

Given that tennis is a very demanding sport both physically and mentally, it is important to take care of one’s health and regularly monitor the impact of these sports activities on the body.

Therefore, you will not make a mistake if you give a tennis player a smartwatch or a wristband for athletes through which they can get accurate parameters for various body functions.

20. Tennis Player Bedding

At the end of every workday comes rest, and so it is with tennis players. To make that rest even nicer and more comfortable, give your tennis player bedding with a print of tennis balls or tennis rackets.

This way, tennis will follow them even in their dreams, and they can rightly say that they are involved in tennis all day and night.

We believe that you will truly please your dear tennis player with some of our suggested gifts.