30 Elementary Gift Ideas for Lawyers

Finding the perfect gift for the lawyer in your life can be a challenge. Lawyers are professionals who appreciate both practical and thoughtful items. Whether you’re shopping for a colleague, mentor, friend, or family member who is a lawyer, you want a gift that resonates with their career and interests.

To curate this list of 30 gift ideas for lawyers, I consulted with two practicing lawyers and one attorney to gain insight into what types of presents they and their peers would genuinely appreciate. From tech gadgets to make their workdays more efficient to luxurious desk accessories and personalized keepsakes, this guide offers a range of options to suit different budgets and relationships.

Lawyers dedicate their lives to advocating for others, interpreting complex legal concepts, and upholding justice. A thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their hard work and commitment to the legal profession. With this diverse array of choices, you’re bound to find the perfect present for the lawyer in your life.

1. The Game “LEGISlate”

This is a very interesting game intended for lawyers or those who aim to become one. It can be played by both students and graduates, and it consists of a board with spaces, small playing figures, and cards printed with words like “appeal,” “lawsuit,” “settlement,” etc.

This game is educational and fun, helping to achieve the appropriate level of legal literacy. We are convinced that your lawyer does not expect such a gift and will be quite surprised when they receive it. We are also convinced that they will have a great time playing this game.

2. Writing Set

Lawyers write a lot, constantly signing and noting down things. Therefore, you won’t go wrong if you gift a lawyer a writing set. Choose one of the quality writing sets that include a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen, which look presentable.

This kind of gift will please your lawyer. You can also gift them just a fountain pen with an inkwell and a stand, intending for this gift to decorate their desk.

3. Business Case

It’s clear that every lawyer needs a good business case because they carry a lot of documents daily. To be sure that your gift will be liked, try to listen to that lawyer’s wishes and take note of their tastes.

A business case doesn’t necessarily have to be a briefcase; it could be a beautiful and quality modern bag designed to carry documents and related accessories.

4. Organizer

Despite modern technology, every lawyer needs a good and practical organizer to write down important notes. With such an organizer, the lawyer does not have to worry about the device’s battery dying or whether they can read something important that they need to remember.

So, choose a nice organizer with a practical layout, print the lawyer’s name on the cover, package it tastefully, and gift it.

5. Drinking Set

It’s well known that many business meetings are conducted over a glass of some drink, so you won’t go wrong if you gift a lawyer a nice drink set. Choose from one of the unique sets with a bottle and glasses you can find in stores, or opt for those that look luxurious, and please your lawyer with such a gift. We suggest you choose between “Twisted Whiskey Set,” “Deluxe Diamond Set,” and “Deluxe Globe Whiskey Set,” which you can order online, and we are confident you won’t go wrong.

6. Desk Organizer

To keep a lawyer’s often cluttered desk tidy and every paper in its place, gift them a larger desk organizer. You can select a luxury wooden organizer for documents and writing accessories, or opt for a cheaper but equally practical version.

Your gift will surely be a hit and make work easier for your lawyer.

7. Tie or Scarf

It’s almost unimaginable to see a male lawyer at work without an appropriate tie. Therefore, you won’t go wrong if you gift a lawyer a quality tie. Choose models and colors that easily match any outfit, and your gift will be well received.

If you know the particular lawyer better, you can gift them a more unusual and bold tie that you think they will like. For female lawyers, a beautiful silk scarf is always a good choice.

8. Pocket or Wristwatch

Time is critically important in the business world, and its measurement must be precise. Being late for a business meeting or exceeding the allotted time would be very bad. So it’s necessary to have a good watch, and at the same time, it should be presentable.

A watch represents a certain social status, so keep that in mind when choosing a gift for your lawyer. For a male, you might choose a nice pocket watch, and for a female, choose a modern and elegant wristwatch.

9. Laptop Bag

Considering how often a laptop is used, it’s understandable that a laptop bag is a given. So, choose a durable and attractive laptop bag as your gift to surprise a lawyer. Opt for neutral colors for the bag to easily fit into the overall image of the lawyer.

10. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a good gift choice regardless of who it’s for. It’s only important to make sure that the jewelry is appropriate for the person’s age and the relationship you have with them.

When it comes to lawyers, you can choose a nice necklace with a pendant in the shape of the small figure of “Justice,” and you definitely won’t go wrong with this gift. If it’s for a woman, you can choose this motif on earrings, a brooch, or a bracelet.

11. Keychain

Speaking of jewelry and Justice motifs, you can also choose this pattern when it comes to a gift in the form of a keychain. The keychain can be made of leather engraved with the image of Justice—a blindfolded woman holding a scale and a sword—or it can be made of metal or wood.

In addition to this motif, you can also select a keychain for a lawyer with the word “law” carved or printed on leather.

12. Book

As lawyers are people who read a lot, you will surely please them if you gift them a book. Select from the many books that tell about interesting facts from the field of law, about great legal achievements, or about unusual legal cases from recent history. Add a date and dedication, nicely wrap the book, and delight your lawyer.

13. Mobile Phone

If your budget allows, you can gift your lawyer a new mobile phone. A phone is an essential tool for business communication, and we believe they will appreciate such a gift. So, choose a new mobile phone and make a lawyer happy with your gift.

14. USB Cup Warmer

Long hours and frequent sitting in front of the computer require a lot of time in one place, leading to the cooling of their favorite hot beverage and ruining the mood of the person drinking it.

To prevent this from happening to your lawyer, gift them a USB cup warmer that they can easily connect to their computer to keep their coffee or tea warm.

You can select a warmer in a design that will appeal most to the lawyer—there are various interesting ones available, from world maps to light bulbs, cats, bombs, and more.

15. Coffee Mug

Since we’re already talking about a cup warmer, let’s mention the mug itself as a gift. You can never go wrong with this, especially if the mug is of an unusual shape and has details referring to lawyers.

It can feature the image of Justice, a text related to law and legislation, or something similar. Add some coffee bags, nicely package your chosen mug, and surprise your lawyer with it.

16. Business Card Holder

Every office desk is a reflection of the office and the person who works there. To enhance the overall impression of a legal office, choose a representative business card holder to gift to a lawyer.

We believe they will like your gift and will happily organize their business cards in that holder.

17. Latin Quotes

Every lawyer is familiar with Latin expressions that law is rich with, so they will surely be delighted by a book of Latin quotes. You can opt for a more luxurious book with thick covers or for a simpler edition “for everyday use.”

Either way, that book will surely adorn the shelves of the lawyer’s office or their private space.

18. “Justice” Figurine

Get a beautiful metal figurine of a woman representing law and justice to surprise a lawyer. This figure, blindfolded and fairly judging with a scale in one hand and a sword in the other, is an icon of law and giving it as a gift to a lawyer will definitely be a hit.

19. Coffee Machine

Coffee is indispensable both during breaks and long hours of work that require concentration and alertness. So, gifting a coffee machine from a good brand to a lawyer is a sure win, allowing them always to have their necessary beverage at hand.

20. Book Stand

Lawyers often keep books related to their profession on their desks or ones they currently need for some reason. To ensure these books are within reach while also looking neat and orderly, gift your lawyer a desk bookstand.

The advantage of this stand is that it can be adjusted according to the need; it can be larger or smaller, holding more or fewer books.

21. Zen Garden

A nice gift for brain relaxation and stress relief is a zen garden. They come in various sizes with more or fewer additions, but all operate on the same principle. So, gift a charming zen garden to your lawyer and enable them to relieve stress easily.

This garden can be kept in any office as it doesn’t take up much space and looks decorative.

22. T-Shirt with a Witty Inscription

Lawyers are human too, so it makes sense that they laugh and make others laugh. Don’t hesitate to give a lawyer a T-shirt with a witty inscription. Of course, you will give such a gift to a person you are close to, not a business partner.

You can think of the text yourself and have it printed, or buy a T-shirt with a ready-made text. We suggest a sentence that says, “I am the one who tailors justice.”

23. Laptop Mat

You won’t go wrong if you gift a lawyer a laptop mat. It’s clear that they often use a laptop and that a mat will make this use much easier.

Choose one of the very practical mats on which places for a mobile phone, a glass, pens, a notebook, a mouse, and more are already designed. We are sure that this gift will make your lawyer happy.

24. Chair Massager

The purpose of this gift is quite clear and there is no reason to elaborate on it. Sitting on a chair is tedious, and sitting for long periods is even dangerous.

So, gifting a good chair massager to a lawyer is the perfect way to enable them to relax their muscles during work.

25. Subscription to a Professional Journal

It’s up to you to decide the period for which you want to subscribe a lawyer to one of the professional journals, and it’s up to the lawyer to enjoy this gift.

Of course, they will be happy with such a useful gift and it will be even more enjoyable to flip through their favorite professional magazine.

26. Shirt Protector Case

Lawyers are known to attend business meetings often and therefore travel frequently. It’s not always easy to keep a shirt wrinkle-free on the go, so such a gift is a real blessing.

So, get a shirt protector case and give it to your lawyer, who will be very grateful to you.

27. Representative Drink Stand

Offices are often the first impression one gets of a lawyer, so it’s important that they are tidy and exude a certain style. To help your lawyer create that image more easily, gift them an impressive and interesting stand for holding drinks.

Such a gift can find its place in a visible corner of the office and always be filled with various bottles of beverages. Let it be at hand when it’s time to toast a job well done.

28. Portfolio Case

It is known that numerous documents always accompany lawyers, and sometimes it’s difficult to store them well and practically in an archive while they are still easily accessible.

There is a solution in the form of a portfolio case that is larger in format and whose interior contains compartments arranged like an accordion.

At the top of each compartment, there is a place for the document name, which further facilitates its use. This portfolio can be closed like any other bag, allowing you to have nicely sorted documents in one place.

29. The “Loophole in the Law” Gift

If you’re in a close relationship with the lawyer you’re seeking a gift for, you can be very creative and give them a witty and unique gift. It’s possible that you’ve already given many gifts to your lawyer and no longer know what to gift them without repeating. We believe they have never received a gift like this and that it will make them laugh.

So, buy a copy of the legal code of the state in which the lawyer lives and works, and punch a hole in the title cover, or you can even punch a hole in the pages of the book itself.

In dedication, nicely write that you wish for the lawyer to find a loophole in the law whenever necessary. We are sure that you will surprise them with your gift.

30. “Legally Blonde” Poster

If your lawyer is a woman, and you are close to her, you can make her laugh with a poster from the movie “Legally Blonde.” This film is focused on a lot, is related to law, talks about how prejudices are stupid, and how anything can be achieved regardless of what others might think of you, and also has a provocative title. So why not have a “Legally Blonde” poster?

We believe we’ve made it easier for you to search for a gift for a lawyer and that you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.