What to Gift for a Sharia Wedding?

As someone born and raised in Bosnia, a country with a significant Muslim population, I have had the opportunity to attend many Islamic weddings and develop an understanding of the traditions around these celebrations. To provide informed guidance on selecting appropriate gifts for a sharia wedding, I reached out to six Muslim friends and family members who have firsthand experience with these events.

Their insights, combined with my own observations and knowledge as a Bosnian familiar with Muslim customs, form the basis for these gift recommendations. When choosing a present for an Islamic wedding, it’s important to keep in mind the values of modesty and community that are central to these occasions. Gifts should be practical and thoughtful, intended to help the couple establish their new home and life together.

With that context, here are some ideas for wedding gifts that align with Muslim traditions and will be cherished by the newlyweds…

1. Frames with Quranic Verses on Wood or Glass

Considering that the lovely couple is starting their life together and setting up their home, it’s very nice to start it off with wisdom from the Quran.

They can decorate their living space with calligraphy on wood or glass, so you definitely won’t make a mistake by giving them such a gift for their Sharia wedding.

2. Quran Stand

Another fitting, as well as decorative gift for a Sharia wedding is a Quran stand. The living space of every Muslim looks much more beautiful when it includes a decorative and intricately carved stand with an open Quran.

3. Quran in a Special Binding

We’re sure that the couple already owns a Quran, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift them a special edition. Perhaps a copy with a leather binding, richly decorated, or a Quran framed with gold plating.

Put in a little effort, and we’re sure you will find a very beautiful and richly decorated Quran book that will make an excellent gift for a Sharia wedding.

4. Prayer Rug

When it comes to this gift, you simply can’t go wrong if you present it for a Sharia wedding. You can choose a large one or two smaller beautiful and decorative prayer rugs and wrap them tastefully.

Include a suitable message with good wishes for the newlyweds and warmly congratulate them on the beginning of their life together.

5. Persian Rug

If you are willing to spend more money on a gift to bring to a Sharia wedding, you can gift the married couple a handmade Persian rug. Such rugs are highly valued and are of excellent quality. The newlyweds will surely be very grateful for the gift you bring.

6. Calligraphy

A great choice for a Sharia wedding gift is also beautiful calligraphy. Choose from calligraphic works that you think will best suit the couple you’re gifting to.

Whether they are framed texts or some other form of calligraphy, whatever you decide, you will delight the dear couple.

7. Oriental Outfits

An interesting and cute gift for a Sharia wedding can also be oriental attire. If your budget allows it, choose a male and a female oriental outfit, package them tastefully, and surprise the newlyweds with such an unusual gift.

Of course, make sure the size of the outfit fits the person you are bringing it for. We’re confident that the couple will be thrilled.

8. Oriental Mosaic Lamps

Tastefully crafted oriental mosaic lamps are a very nice gift, especially as a pair. We believe you will not go wrong if you gift such lamps to the happy couple for their wedding.

There are various types, and you can choose according to the taste and living space of your newlyweds.

9. Oriental Tea or Coffee Sets

If you wish to gift the newlyweds a smaller charming gift that exudes oriental “scents,” you can present them with lovely oriental tea or coffee sets.

These sets are richly crafted and represent small pieces of art, so we are sure that your dear newlyweds will take great pleasure in drinking “marital” tea or coffee from them.

10. Decorative Copper from Iran

You will surely make the right choice if, for a Sharia wedding, you gift some items made of decorative Iranian copper. These items are not ordinary nor of little value.

They are about a special metal painting technique with fine engraving, in this case of copper, and the product always represents a little piece of art.

So, choose an item of decorative copper, whether it’s a vase, plates, bowls, trays, or anything else, and surprise the married couple with such a gift.

11. Beautiful Furniture

If you are someone closer to the married couple, you can gift them beautiful furniture for the wedding. It won’t be difficult to find very decorative and richly adorned pieces of furniture that are in accord with the Islamic faith and tradition.

This will help the newlyweds settle in faster, and you will leave a beautiful memory of the event and your contribution to it.

12. Card with Money

When you don’t know what to gift a married couple but definitely want to present something, you can always fill an appropriate card with sincere and beautiful wishes and put in the money you have planned for them.

It is simple, but a valuable and practical gift. We believe that they will be grateful and will know best how to use that money.

We hope our suggestions have helped you delight the newlyweds on their Sharia wedding.