28 Easter Gifts Ideas

Easter is the greatest Christian holiday because it represents the resurrection of Christ and the salvation of all souls. Among the people, this holiday is celebrated by dyeing eggs and various folk customs.

Every Christian believer should dedicate this day to those they love, sharing joy and love with them.

To make the joy even greater, many people want to delight their relatives and friends with a gift that will emphasize the holiday and make the recipient happy.

If you are one of those individuals but are unsure what to give your loved ones for Easter, you can review our list of gift suggestions and you will certainly find a suitable gift for your dearest ones.

1. Chocolate Eggs or One Large Egg

The main Easter symbol is the egg, so during these days, we find them everywhere and in all forms. Of course, chocolate eggs are the most common, and children are especially delighted by them.

However, adults are not immune to these chocolate treats, so you won’t go wrong if you give someone a large chocolate egg adorned with a ribbon or a small basket filled with tiny chocolate eggs for Easter.

2. Sweet Easter Basket

It’s well known that various Easter-themed sweets appear in shops before Easter, so filling a small basket with such sweets should be no problem.

Choose a lovely basket, arrange various sweets in it, such as chocolate bunnies, lambs, eggs, carrots, chocolate bars with Easter motifs, gummy bunnies, etc., and then package the whole basket nicely.

We are convinced that such a gift will please anyone during the Easter holidays.

3. Braided Bread with Easter Eggs

If you are visiting someone during the holidays, you can make an effort and create a beautiful gift for all the hosts. Make small braids from dough, connect them in a circle and bake, then place a dyed egg in the center.

Decorate the braids with colorful candies that you can stick on with egg whites. Each braid will look like a little colorful nest with an egg in the middle. We are convinced that your gift will be greatly appreciated by those you visit.

4. Egg Holder

Since eggs are the main “characters” of the Easter holidays, you won’t go wrong if you gift someone an egg holder for Easter. You can find such a gift made of ceramic, porcelain, wood, and even metal, so it’s up to you to decide which one is most suitable for the person you are gifting it to.

5. Serving Tray with Easter Motifs

A cute and practical gift for the Easter holidays could also be a serving tray with Easter motifs. Choose one such larger serving tray or a set of two matching trays of different sizes, place a chocolate egg, bunny, or lamb on them, wrap everything nicely, and delight a loved one with your gift.

6. Pitcher and Glasses with Floral Decoration

Considering that Easter is a spring holiday, flowers and grass are assumed, so any gifts with such motifs are welcome. Therefore, you won’t go wrong if you bring someone a beautiful pitcher with glasses decorated with floral motifs for Easter.

If you find one with motifs of rabbits, eggs, lambs, or bees, that will be an excellent choice.

7. Tablecloth and Napkins

When it comes to such a gift, it won’t be a problem to find a suitable motif. During Easter, you can see many different tablecloths with motifs representing the holiday in stores, so it will be easy for you to choose a larger tablecloth with napkins or decide on some smaller decorative tablecloths that are placed on smaller tables.

8. Cake “Egg,” “Bunny,” “Lamb,” “Nest”

A nice gift, but also very useful during the holiday, is a cake shaped like an Easter motive. When you visit your loved ones, you can bring them such a cake, thereby making it easier to host guests.

We believe the hostess will be very grateful, and everyone who enjoys the cake will be happy. You can order the cake from a pastry chef or make it yourself if you know how.

9. Socks with Easter Motifs

A charming gift for anyone, especially children, can be socks with motifs of eggs, bunnies, lambs, etc. Choose several pairs of such socks with different motifs, add one dyed egg for each, and with such a gift, delight your loved ones.

We believe that you will make them smile and happy, which is the goal.

10. Tree Decorated with Chocolate Eggs

This is an unusual and charming gift that will bring a smile to the faces of those to whom you bring the gift. Children, in particular, will be delighted with such a gift.

Create a small tree out of cardboard, paint it nicely, and hang small chocolate eggs on its branches. Place it on a cardboard base representing soil and grass, and decorate this base with a small bunny. We are sure that you will impress your loved ones with this gift.

11. “Nest” Basket with Treats

If you don’t know what to gift someone for Easter and you are not one of those people who have the will to think up various gifts, you can also delight your loved ones with classic treats that you will package a bit differently.

Choose a beautiful basket, place artificial grass in it, or pick some real fresh grass, and then tastefully arrange your treats in the basket.

You might add some flowers, a chocolate egg, and a chocolate bunny around it, then nicely package everything in cellophane with a bow. Your gift will look like a nest and be quite interesting.

12. “Bunny” House Slippers

An interesting and useful gift for the Easter holiday are house slippers in the shape of a bunny. These slippers have cute ears, are soft and warm, so children will be most delighted, but they are also a good choice for those adults who are still children at heart. Place a chocolate bunny and one Easter egg in each slipper and surprise your loved ones with this gift.

13. Smart Egg 2 Puzzle

For all those dear people who always get excited about gifts that develop their brainpower, this egg is the perfect hit. Since Easter is the festival of eggs, a puzzle in that shape is a very appropriate gift. It is an unusual gift in which you need to insert a metal rod and thread it through the egg.

You can rotate and adjust the parts of the mentioned egg for the next move. The egg is available in blue and red, and the process of threading the rod through the egg can also be viewed on the internet, in case the included instructions are insufficient.

14. Cushion with Easter Motifs

If you gift someone a cushion with Easter motifs for Easter, it will be a charming gift that will decorate any space during the holiday. So, choose one such cushion, or even two, package it nicely and wish your loved one a happy festive holiday.

15. Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, the possibilities are vast, and it is appropriate as a gift on any occasion. Depending on whom you are gifting the jewelry to, you can choose a necklace with a pendant in the shape of an egg, lamb, bunny, but also a cross and Jesus.

Of course, there are also bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and it’s up to you to decide what would please a particular person the most. For a female gift, you may choose a nice brooch with Easter motifs and you definitely won’t go wrong.

16. Cutting Board and Napkin

For all those people who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, a cutting board is an excellent gift.

Choose a board with some appropriate Easter inscription or in one of the shapes characteristic of this holiday. In this way, you will give a loved one both a fitting and a useful gift.

Add a napkin with Easter bunnies, eggs, or baskets, package everything nicely, and wish a happy holiday.

17. Easter Cookie Molds

If your host is a person who enjoys baking and is excited about new shapes, you can bring them Easter cookie molds during which they will bake various surprises. Choose molds that represent lambs, bunnies, eggs, nests, etc., and with such a gift, surprise your loved one.

18. Honeycakes with Easter Motifs

When you want to please someone for Easter, you can gift them honeycakes in shapes that represent the holiday. It won’t be hard at all to order the shapes and colors you want, as well as the inscriptions you would like to see on the honeycakes.

This is a gift that can last a very long time and will cheer up your loved one with its cheerful appearance. If it seems nicer, order honeycakes as a bouquet and wrap them in beautiful decorative paper.

19. “Chick” Desk Clock

Easter gifts are varied because there are many motifs that tell about Easter. One of those motifs is a small yellow chick, so you won’t go wrong if you gift a loved one a desk clock in the shape of a little chick.

Along with this “chick,” add a few dyed eggs to make the Easter gift complete.

20. Coasters

As we have already said, there are many motifs related to Easter, so we are convinced that you will have no trouble finding coasters that enhance the Easter story with their appearance.

These coasters can be of painted wood, glass, plastic, or even leather. Add a few chocolate eggs, bunnies, or dyed Easter eggs, package everything nicely, and surprise your loved ones.

21. Coffee Mug

Nowadays, it is indeed easy to find an appropriate mug for every holiday or every profession. Whether it’s text on the mug itself or its shape, you can choose something that embodies the spirit of Easter, fill such a mug with chocolate eggs, package it sympathetically, and please someone close to you.

22. Cute Fragrant Candles

During the Easter holidays, a larger number of fragrant candles in various shapes specific to this holiday always appear on the market. So, it won’t be a problem for you to choose several such candles, add some sweets, and package everything together.

With your gift, you will delight every person who loves the atmosphere created by fragrant candles.

23. Fragrant Soaps

Like fragrant candles, it is possible to find soaps made in the shape of an egg, bunny, chick, lamb, or which represent a nest by their appearance.

So you definitely won’t go wrong if you choose several such soaps, place them on a nice soft towel, package everything tastefully, and gift it to someone special with your gift.

24. “Chicks” Salt Shakers

Appropriate gifts for the Easter holidays are also salt shakers in the shape of little yellow chicks. We suggest that you choose two salt shakers in a woven basket that looks very decorative.

Of course, you can also choose those in shapes of a bunny or an egg that stand in metal baskets or on metal trays. Whatever you decide, it will be a cute and useful gift for Easter.

25. Easter Stories Book

We’ve often said that a book is always a beautiful and suitable gift, and we’ll say it again now. If you’re choosing a gift for children, you can opt for some nice fairy tales and picture books that tell of Easter, of animals, chicks, bunnies, lambs, and the like.

If you bring a gift for adults, the book may relate to the history of Easter, to various customs associated with this holiday that relate to our people, but also to other nations.

26. Colorful Apron

Easter is a spring holiday, and spring is colorful and cheerful, so you will definitely not go wrong if you bring someone a cheerful apron with Easter motifs for Easter.

Especially if you put a few dyed eggs or those chocolate figures on that apron, the gift will be perfect. Any cooking in this apron will surely be easier and more cheerful.

27. Microwave Egg Boiler

Considering that eggs are the main motif of Easter and we all boil them then, an excellent choice for a gift during these festive days is a microwave egg boiler.

It is a plastic container in the shape of a hen consisting of a lid and a bowl that holds four eggs.

This container is suitable for any microwave oven and cooks eggs with the shell. We are sure that with your gift, you will pleasantly surprise someone and brighten their holiday.

28. “Red Egg” Egg Timer

As we have already mentioned, eggs are the main motif of Easter and everything revolves around them during this holiday. Therefore, you will not go wrong if you bring someone an egg timer for cooking eggs shaped like a red egg as a gift.

It’s interesting that this timer is placed in the pot with the eggs that are being cooked and the change in its color indicates the degree of hardness of the cooked eggs. We are convinced that with such a gift you will surprise your loved ones and truly delight them.

If our Easter gift suggestions have helped you choose something to please your loved ones, we have fulfilled our mission.