10 Gift Ideas for Scorpios

Many people are, conditionally speaking, afraid of Scorpios because of some of their character traits. However, Scorpios are very passionate, brave, and resourceful individuals. If you have a Scorpio as a friend, know that you are lucky.

If we overlook their distrustful and somewhat snarky nature, and their high level of jealousy, it is good to have a Scorpio close by. However, choosing the right gift for them is not an easy task.

Below, we bring you ten ideas that could help you decide what to buy for your Scorpio friend for their next birthday.

1. A subtle bracelet or watch

Scorpios do not like flashy clothes or accessories. Therefore, a good gift for a woman born under this zodiac sign would be a discreet gold or silver bracelet. You could also choose other materials, like jewelry made of plastic, wood, etc., but it is crucial that it is tastefully decorated, without glittery details that Scorpios dislike.

For a man born under the Scorpio sign, you can gift a watch with a leather strap. Pay attention to the watch size to make sure it fits his wrist; otherwise, he might just give you a forced smile and thank you, and your gift will stay in its original box. He won’t even make the effort to wear it in front of you.

2. A coffee machine or kettle

Most Scorpios cannot start their day without coffee. Some drink it “black,” without milk, sugar, or other additives, while others enjoy unique flavors. Regardless, your Scorpio will be delighted with a coffee machine or kettle that will significantly speed up their morning ritual.

For a little girl born under the sign of Scorpio, a perfect gift would be a toy kitchen set, while for a little boy, you can buy a toolkit.

3. Sunglasses

People born under the sign of Scorpio care a lot about their appearance. They don’t have complexes regarding their physical looks, and when they are aware of their flaws, they know how to conceal them properly.

Quality sunglasses that match your favorite Scorpio’s face shape could be a good present. You are aware that you can find sunglasses in various options, and before deciding which to buy for a person born under the Scorpio sign, it would be best to take them with you to the store to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

4. Lunch or dinner at a good restaurant

Most Scorpios love to eat something very tasty. Some of them are not excellent cooks; however, if they have a strong enough motivation, they will make an effort to prepare a fine meal. If you are unsure what to gift a man or woman born under the Scorpio sign, take them to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

You will have to judge whether restaurants with local or international cuisine are the right choice for him or her. The most important thing is to choose a place where he or she can relax and feel comfortable. Scorpios can pretend to enjoy themselves, but they do not like a stuffy atmosphere.

5. Comfortable footwear

Although they care a lot about their appearance, Scorpios will not sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion trends. Women born under this zodiac sign rarely wear high-heeled shoes because they believe it prevents them from being active and quick in solving daily problems and challenges.

If you insist on buying them shoes, avoid high heels and try to find comfortable sandals or boots with discreet details.

In any case, the best footwear choice for people born under the sign of Scorpio are sneakers. Depending on his or her lifestyle, choose ones that are suitable for running, walking, etc. Your dear person will be grateful for this practical sign of attention.

6. Glasses for wine, gin, or martini

This does not mean that Scorpios are alcoholics. On the contrary, they are quite sober and know how to find moderation in everything. Nevertheless, it is important for them that food and drink are served in appropriate containers, i.e., glasses intended for that purpose.

Make an effort to find glasses for his or her favorite drink. The choice is varied, and which variant you will decide on depends precisely on what drink your Scorpio enjoys the most.

7. Book stand, reading light, or bookmark

Among Scorpios, there are many “bookworms.” Their tastes are quite diverse, but they have favorite authors and probably a collection of all the books they have written.

They take care of their books, rarely borrow them from a library or other people, and prefer to buy the book they want to read so they can have it on their shelf.

In addition, they are careful to keep the pages neat, never underline anything, and do not fold page corners. That’s why a bookmark or reading light could be an interesting gift for a Scorpio.

8. Martial arts or self-defense classes

It might seem unusual to give this kind of gift, but Scorpios are always looking for the right way to release negative energy. Some of them run, others walk, practice yoga, or engage in sports recreationally.

Martial arts or self-defense classes could broaden his or her horizons. So, consider giving this as a gift at the next opportunity.

Children born under the sign of Scorpio have various interests. They often change sports and extracurricular activities, so this type of gift would be well received.

9. Board game

Scorpios have a strong competitive spirit. They don’t like to lose and will always strive to be the best. Even an adult Scorpio will enjoy playing a board game. In addition to the classic ones like “Risk,” “Monopoly,” and similar, you can find a wide array of various fun games that you can gift your Scorpio in well-stocked bookshops and online.

If you play with them, be prepared for a battle with a “ruthless opponent.”

10. Snow globe

Even if you briefly thought that a snow globe would be a “clichéd” gift for an adult man born under the sign of Scorpio, reconsider his preferences.

If it is a person who loves to travel, find out which city he or she would like to visit and look for a snow globe with motifs of that place on the internet. This will encourage him or her to continue planning to visit that country or city.

A snow globe is always a good gift for children, but with this gift, wait until they grow a little older, because if the ornament breaks, it can create chaos in the space and in the minds of their parents.