20 Best Engagement Gift Ideas for 2024

Finding the perfect engagement gift can be a real challenge. That’s why I reached out to several newly engaged couples and asked them one simple question: “What kind of engagement gift would you appreciate most?”

Their responses were in some cases down to earth and some cases very insightful. From sentimental keepsakes to practical items for the wedding planning journey, the suggestions covered a wide range of thoughtful options.

In this article, you’ll find 20 of the best engagement gift ideas for 2024, handpicked from the wishlists of those who have recently said “yes” to their forever partners.

1. Gift voucher for a romantic boat ride on a river or lake

Engagement, after the wedding, is the most romantic act in the lives of people in love. It is a very special occasion, so this idea is high on our list.

If there is a river or lake nearby where a boat can be rented, or if you know someone who owns a boat, a good idea would be to give the future newlyweds a boat ride they will long remember and recount to their friends and even descendants.

Furthermore, the photos that the couple can take during such an adventure will surely be among the most cherished memories from that period of their life.

2. Turntable or vinyl record

In a period when two people are about to embark on a life together, excitement is at a very high level. They are in love, happy, and do everything with a smile.

If you gift them a turntable or a vinyl record of an artist they both love, you will give them unforgettable moments.

They may even practice their first dance better thanks to your gift, and you’ll be proud of yourself for contributing to making this act look better, more beautiful, and fun.

3. Coffee maker or teapot

You might not think this is a good gift idea, but a coffee maker could make the romantic mornings of a couple in love even lovelier. It’s not about a classic home appliance, but something that can make the morning ritual magical.

If you know that the bride and groom do not drink coffee, don’t worry because they will surely use this appliance when guests come to their home.

An alternative to this gift would be an interesting teapot or kettle.

4. Small travel bags

If your newlyweds love to travel or plan to escape on a honeymoon after the wedding, a set of small travel bags would be an excellent choice. It’s a useful gift they can use for a long time on joint excursions.

In stores or online, you will surely find a set of travel bags with an interesting pattern, and you can always write “Mr. and Mrs. …” on a tag intended for names. This would be an especially fun and nice gesture for the couple in love.

5. Champagne glasses

Champagne, a very elegant drink, is served at almost every wedding. It is with this drink that newlyweds toast their guests. So why not gift them some beautiful champagne glasses that will not only serve them during the wedding but can also be used later?

Besides, they will have a nice memento of a dear person who shared some unforgettable moments with them.

6. Cutting board i.e. serving board or a set of knives

Many newlyweds, upon moving into a shared home, have the need to host dear people. Food and drink are discussed along with the wedding, honeymoon, and plans for the future.

For that reason, we suggest you gift a cutting board for serving food for the engagement. There are many different and interesting options available for such kitchen aids.

Another variant is a set of knives. Considering that the newlyweds need to equip their shared home, such a gift would certainly be useful.

7. A bottle of wine, champagne, or some exotic drink

You can never go wrong with a bottle of quality liquor. Find out what drink the couple likes the most, and look for the best possible option in alcohol stores. Additionally, you can order a bottle of tasty drink online.

If you package it in a fun and interesting way, you will definitely delight the couple in love.

8. Ice bucket

An ice bucket accompanies a bottle of quality drink. You can find them in different variations. Although those made of glass are prettier, our advice is to choose a stainless steel one because it can maintain the desired temperature of the drink for a longer period.

You will find ice buckets with interesting patterns online, so it’s crucial to make an effort and explore what is on sale on websites.

9. Bed tray

If you’ve ever been in love, you surely know how nice it feels to wake up next to a loved one. In those moments, both try to make each other as happy as possible, and one way is breakfast in bed.

There are many different bed trays for eating in bed on the market, so you won’t have a problem finding one that the future newlyweds will like the most.

10. Photo album or picture frame

It’s a real shame that with the arrival of digital cameras, the habit of developing photos has almost completely disappeared. However, if you gift the newlyweds an album or a nice picture frame, you’ll encourage them to preserve dear memories from the wedding or honeymoon in traditional form.

Although demand may be lower, you will not have much trouble finding an album that suits the taste of dear people in bookstores and on the internet. If you write an emotional message along with the gift, you are sure to bring a smile to the faces of the future married couple.

11. Cookbook with “recipes for two”

You may have noticed that newlyweds do everything together. They try to show love to each other in various ways, one of them being their cooking skills. If you look for a cookbook intended for couples, you might help make this period even happier and more interesting.

You can buy an ordinary cookbook, but more interesting are those options where they’ll get advice on what to cook for each other, i.e. how to get closer through cooking.

12. Journal for two

If you’re wondering what “Journal for Two” involves, it’s time to use your imagination. Such an interesting notebook is the perfect gift for people who are just about to start a life together.

Not only will it be fun for them to fill it out together, but it will help them understand each other better, and you know that understanding and willingness to compromise is key to a long-lasting marriage.

You’ll find such a gift in well-stocked bookstores, and the selection is not poor even on sales platforms on the internet.

13. Towels or a set of bedding

You know well that people who are just about to move into a shared apartment or house need many various little things. That’s why we suggest you think about giving the future married couple a set of towels for different purposes.

Another option is some quality bedding that will make activities in bed even more pleasant.

Do not be afraid that this type of gift is a pure cliché because the future newlyweds will surely tell you that you made an excellent choice.

14. Pajamas

We’ve already mentioned how newly in love couples need to spend a lot of time together and see confirmation that they have found their soulmates in each other in every detail. The same pajamas in female and male variants would certainly be a fun and useful gift for the young couple.

Make an effort to find a pattern that suits their characters and do not avoid those with cute details or romantic inscriptions.

15. T-shirts with a silly inscription

Such a gift would certainly please the couple in love. They may not go out for dinner or a walk in T-shirts with some crazy inscription, but they will be pleased to have such a type of clothing in their wardrobe.

Our suggestion is to strive to procure personalized T-shirts and to avoid those that say “his” or “hers” because such a thing is not an original gift.

Use your imagination and do not hesitate to invest time to find what will make them happy. After all, it just takes a little effort, as this type of gift usually isn’t expensive at all.

16. Scented bath or bath salts

A lovely bath or bath salts is not only a gift for a woman, despite advertisements typically showing women enjoying prolonged relaxation in the bathtub. On the contrary, young couples are inclined to show tenderness and love to each other in this way.

You can find gels, salts, foams, sponges, and the like in beautiful packaging in some drugstores. Since it is a gesture to show you are happy they decided to start a life together, do not think that this type of gift is too cheap for the occasion.

17. Board game

No matter how much they want to spend happy moments like engagements or weddings with dear people, newlyweds enjoy the moments they spend alone the most. Why not gift them a board game that will provide great entertainment?

After all, since passions are assuredly strong at the beginning of the marriage, they will have no problem further connecting by playing.

18. Puzzle made from a photo of the couple

This gift doesn’t have great practical but has immense sentimental value. Find their joint photo (it’s best to choose one they have shared on social media because you’ll be sure they like it) and search online for a site that makes puzzles from pictures sent by users.

They will be surprised that you’ve decided to give adults something children like to play with, but when they discover that, instead of cartoon characters, they themselves are the main characters in the picture, they’ll be thrilled with your idea.

19. Kissing mugs

Whether you enjoy coffee, tea, or some other hot drink, you need to have a mug at home. So consider giving the future newlyweds mugs of an unusual shape.

There is a “sea” of options when it comes to such niceties on the market. Our suggestion is mugs that “kiss” each other. It is a romantic and interesting gift that will surely mean a lot to them.

20. Personalized doormat

If your friends who are planning a wedding are relaxed and do not care much about form, customs, etc., they certainly won’t be offended if you decide to gift them a doormat for the front door with some interesting and quirky pattern or inscription.

The market is not short of dimensions, colors, or shapes of doormats onto which a message can be imprinted as you wish. Your future newlyweds would probably like their guests to notice some interesting greeting or slogan that is personally crafted for them upon entering their home.