20 Best Gift Ideas for Someone Starting a New Job

Starting a new job is a major life milestone. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. When a friend or loved one lands a new job, you want to celebrate their achievement and show your support. But finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. What do you get for someone who’s embarking on a new career journey?

To answer this question, I reached out to seven people who recently started new jobs. I asked them directly: “What would you love to receive as a gift to celebrate your new job?” Their responses were thoughtful, practical, and sometimes surprising.

Based on their input and my own research, I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best gift ideas for someone starting a new job. These gifts range from practical items that will make their workday easier to thoughtful gestures that will show your support and encouragement.

1. Massager

The job-seeking period is generally very stressful in a person’s life. You’ve probably gone through it yourself and know how much time and energy it took. In addition, when you start a new job, you try to show yourself in the best light, and therefore, you give your all to prove yourself.

If your loved one is currently in that phase, a good idea would be to give them a massager, so they can relieve pressure and fatigue. Look for one that you believe would suit them. You will surely make them very happy with this gift.

2. Wireless Mobile Phone Charger

This gadget is very useful for people who have just started working and spend a lot of time away from home. With a wireless phone charger, your friend or family member won’t have to stress about whether their mobile phone battery is sufficiently charged.

Since these types of small devices are incredibly popular, we are sure that it won’t take much time, nor money, to purchase one for your loved one who is embarking on new professional endeavors.

3. Wireless Headphones

Music is a great way to relieve stress. People who are starting a new business venture feel a lot of pressure, and even fear and insecurity. Why not give wireless headphones to someone who has recently been employed, allowing them to relax listening to their favorite music at any moment?

There is a wide variety to choose from, and for a reasonable price, you can find the right gift for your loved one.

4. Pen Set

If someone close to you has recently been employed in an office, a set of pens or some other type of office supplies would be the ideal gift.

Besides being a useful thing they will need at any moment, they will also have a memento of you and the moment when they got the job.

There are many variations of pen sets in bookstores and online. Make an effort to find a set that most fits the temperament of the person you want to gift it to.

Of course, if they are engaged in some serious job and often communicate with people at a formal level, avoid pens with silly patterns, feathers, or smileys as accessories. In that case, it’s better to play it safe and choose a classic pen set.

5. Planner

Although people often make reminders on their mobile phones these days, a good planner or notebook is a safe way to jot down some important things, meeting schedules, etc. Phones can break down at any moment, but such incidents don’t happen with a planner.

If you are buying a gift for a woman, try to find a more subdued version of the notebook. Avoid glitter and too many details. For both a man and a woman who have recently got a job, leather planners represent the safest way to please them with your nice and useful gesture.

6. Alarm Clock

An alarm or clock is the right gift for newly employed individuals, especially if they have been out of work for a long time or never had a job. Most jobs have strictly defined working hours, and some companies even punish lateness.

To prevent this from happening to your friend or another close person, buy them an alarm clock. You can find them in a million variations – in analog or digital form, with radio or special lights. In any case, let your imagination run free to buy a good, but not too expensive gift.

7. Desk Lamp

No matter what job someone does, a desk lamp is always a good idea for a gift. There are many reasons for it, the main one being that employed people usually make plans for the next day in the evening or use that time to read a book and relax.

This is especially a nice gift for people who work from home. Thanks to the lamp, their work desk will look even cozier, and he or she will have even more motivation and energy to finish their work tasks.

8. Thermos Bottle, Water Bottle, or Mug

Every employed person often doesn’t have time to enjoy drinking coffee, tea, or other beverages for hours. Usually, the whole ritual is done on the go. That’s why it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider giving a thermos bottle to a friend who has recently found a job, so they can always have their favorite drink at hand.

Alternate options include a quality water bottle for drinks and the like, or a tea mug that they will use while at work. This way, during moments of rest, they will remember you and the gesture that made them happy.

9. Handbag or Belt

You probably know that women can never have enough handbags, no matter how many they own. For an employed woman, another new handbag will certainly not be superfluous. Find one that matches her daily activities and you will certainly excite her very much.

On the other hand, for men, a good leather belt would be a great gift. Not only will he wear it to work, but he will know at all times that he has such a quality accessory for various formal and less formal occasions.

10. Backpack or Laptop Bag

Here we’ve intentionally left two options, and whether you buy a backpack or laptop bag for the employed person depends on the job they do, as well as the lifestyle they lead. If it’s an active person who often rides a bike or even commutes to work by bicycle, a backpack is the best choice.

If the job they do is a bit different and requires formal attire, adherence to a dress code, etc., it would be better to opt for a laptop bag or a good briefcase for documents.

11. Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is a good gift for everyone and for any occasion. It’s a very useful little item, regardless of whether they spend hours working on a computer or laptop or if those devices are only used for entertainment.

For people who are engaged in more “strict” professions, you should choose a solid-colored pad, and also consider larger paper surfaces where they can leave notes.

If the person you’re buying for doesn’t have such a job, a mouse pad will still come in handy. Here you’re allowed to be a bit more creative and relaxed.

12. Wallet

A good and quality wallet is something everyone needs. Not only is it a useful gift, but it’s believed to attract money to the one you give it to. Considering that you want your loved one to progress in what they are doing, i.e., in the job they have been given the opportunity to do, think about getting them a wallet.

Whether you choose a wallet of larger or smaller dimensions, what material it will be made of, etc., depends solely on the person you’re gifting it to. Avoid patterns with cartoon and comic book characters, as such silly gifts are long behind them.

13. Lunch Box

It is noticeable that more and more people are bringing snacks or lunch with them to work. One of the reasons is that they want to know what they are eating, that is, they are trying to eat healthier, and another reason is that they don’t know what to order when they are hungry.

It would be interesting if you gave something like this to someone who has just been employed. This way, perhaps from the start, they might acquire a habit of bringing a meal to work, instead of resorting to quick solutions like bakery food or fast food.

14. Box Full of Snacks and Sweets or a Basket of Fruit

If the person you are looking for a gift for likes snacks and sweets, there is no need to rack your brain. Buy them the sweets they love the most and a decorative box or basket. Fill the box with their favorite products, close it up and wait to see the smile on the face of the new employee.

If they prefer healthier options, you can replace sweets with fruit and fruit juices, porridge, etc.

15. Picture Frame

You might have thought that a picture frame is a “worn-out” gift. However, we’re not talking about any ordinary frame. In bookstores, other shops, and online, you will find a truly vast selection of excellent frames for traditional or digital photographs.

You know best what style the person you are gifting prefers, so try to find something that satisfies his or her taste.

16. Sleep Mask

For people who work hard, quality sleep is extremely important. If the person has just entered the merciless world of business, it’s possible they are stressed and can’t even dream of eight hours of sleep. To help them overcome this initial period, buy them a sleep mask.

In this case, too, the choice is not small. Since they will not wear it in front of others, you can freely relax and find some interesting pattern that will make them happy.

17. Back Cushion

If your friend or loved one is employed in an enclosed space or spends a lot of time sitting in an office or driving a car, a perfect gift would be an ergonomic back cushion. There are many variations when it comes to this kind of aid.

Dive into the magical world of the internet, search sites that sell these kinds of cushions, read reviews on forums, and you will find a good and useful gift for your close one.

18. Interesting Keychain

We all know how stressful losing keys can be and the consequences it brings. Therefore, a good keychain would be an interesting choice of gift for someone who has recently found a job. In addition to their own, they will be able to hang the keys of the office where they work, etc.

Given the plethora of options, you won’t have a problem finding a suitable keychain. Complete it with a nice card, and you have the perfect employment gift.

19. Bottle of Drink or Bouquet of Flowers

When you’re lacking in creativity, stick to the classics! A bottle of nice drink and a bouquet of flowers are types of gifts that will never go out of style. Give a drink to a man and flowers to a woman. You will definitely make them happy, and they will be aware of the support you’re providing them.

20. Scarf or Tie

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who works in an office and often interacts with other people, these gifts are actually the ideal solution. Choose a beautiful scarf, shawl, or pashmina for a woman, while a classic, solid-color tie is a great gift for a man. You won’t have a problem finding either, and it won’t cost you much.