List of Gifts for an Aquarius (10 Ideas)

Most astrologers will agree that creativity, kindness, inventiveness, and curiosity are the main characteristics of individuals born under the sign of Aquarius.

These are unique people, so it can be said that you will not meet two Aquarians who are exactly alike. Known for their inventiveness, they also appreciate such traits in gifts.

Therefore, if you want to make an Aquarian happy, do not opt for “useful” gifts, but rather something that reflects their character, uniqueness, and interests.

1. Vintage Phonograph

You cannot go wrong if you gift a vintage phonograph to an Aquarian man or woman. Aquarians are collectors of rarities, so you can look for a phonograph with a horn and crank, or one that comes in a box, in antique shops.

The nostalgic crackling sound from a vinyl record stirs beautiful memories in Aquarians of all ages. They will surely boast about this perfect gift from a dear person to friends who visit them.

2. Vinyl Record

From the previous suggestion, you could infer that Aquarians love music. Hence, an old vinyl record of a favorite artist or band would also be a good choice.

Find out their preferred genre and start your search for the gift. Vinyl records can be found online, in music instrument shops, well-stocked bookstores, and even flea markets where they are typically sold at a lower price.

Finding an affordable record that your Aquarian will enjoy for a long time should not be a problem.

3. Instant (Polaroid) Camera

Polaroid cameras have recently become very popular among younger generations, and since Aquarians love photography, such a device would greatly delight them.

One of the most popular instant cameras is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. This camera is a more affordable option, and if your Aquarian enjoys selfies, this is the ideal gift.

For those a bit older, try to find a second-hand but well-preserved Polaroid camera. This option might be a little more expensive, but the loyalty and appreciation that such a gift will bring are worth every penny.

4. Mini Telescope

Aquarius is probably more impressed by the universe than any other zodiac sign. They enjoy stargazing, and on a clear night, they can effortlessly point out the Little Dipper, the Big Dipper, or the North Star.

So if you are wondering what to gift an Aquarius man or woman, consider buying a mini telescope. You should not have any trouble finding such a gift.

This is also an ideal gift for Aquarian children, further awakening their interest in the cosmos and motivating them to delve into exploration.

5. Books on Philosophy, Psychology, and History

As mentioned earlier, Aquarians are curious star signs. They are prone to research, especially interested in philosophy, psychology, and to some extent history. However, be cautious as they have a very refined taste when it comes to books.

They are not inclined towards modern popular literature, so opt for classical works and proven authors. Avoid self-help editions, as Aquarians will appreciate you more if they sense that you have accepted them as they are.

For Aquarian children, you might consider gifting an illustrated book dedicated to a historical period, event, or personality.

6. Planner, Notebook, Organiser, or Journal

Aquarians are often said to be “ahead of their time.” Many of their ideas are too innovative for the present day, but you might be surprised by how much sense they actually make.

Gifting an Aquarian a journal, planner, notebook, or a quirky notepad will give them extra motivation to start jotting down their ideas, increasing the chances that they will one day bring them to fruition.

Perhaps this will encourage them to overcome laziness and start working on realizing their dreams.

7. Collection of Rare Badges, Comics, or Magazines

Astrologers say that those born under the sign of Aquarius love to collect things. You would be surprised at the variety of collections Aquarians have.

Some collect old coins, badges, emblems, while others enjoy magazines, books, comics, or even coloring books. Discover what your Aquarius collects and make an effort to complete their collection.

For a girl born under the sign of Aquarius, you could gift a Barbie doll she doesn’t yet have in her collection, while an album of stickers or a mini replica car would be an ideal present for a boy.

8. Soft Blanket

People born between January 20th and February 18th are Aquarius in the zodiac. Given they are “winter children,” they appreciate warmth and coziness.

Although these are action-oriented people who enjoy socializing and dislike loneliness, they sometimes wish to nestle in their homes to surrender to daydreams, a good book, a movie, etc.

They are often very sensitive to the cold, so you won’t make a mistake if you gift them a soft blanket. You will surely find one in stores or online shops that they will like.

The same goes for Aquarian children. Make an effort to find an interesting blanket or even order one with their initials or name. This will show how special they are to you, and they will love you even more for it.

9. Pajamas

Aquarians enjoy socializing and fun, but like everyone else, they need rest and sleep. You will surely delight your Aquarian by finding some interesting pajamas.

Avoid holiday and plaid patterns, as these are too commonplace and boring for them. Instead, try finding pajamas that have something unique, fun, and “crazy.”

Explore what fascinates them the most – space or a natural phenomenon – and set out to find the ideal gift.

10. Lamp, Painting, or Sculpture

It may seem that gifting a lamp would be a mistake, as your Aquarian might just politely smile and thank you. However, we are not talking about just any lamp, but more of a mini artwork. They are particularly intrigued by lamps that change colors, which you will have no trouble finding.

Aquarians are said to be the greatest connoisseurs of art in the zodiac. They simply love beautiful things. They have an unusual taste in art, but you won’t go wrong if you choose a landscape painting or a portrait.

When it comes to sculptures, gift them something whose meaning they can’t immediately decipher. Allow them to struggle a little to investigate what the artist wanted to convey through his work.